Club Notices


Celyn Archers offer private indoor coaching sessions for archers with their own equipment on Saturday mornings during the winter months from September to the end of April. See all dates on our dates page

We have a large sports hall at Cardiff High School where members are able to shoot a distance of 25 meters with safety and therefore shoot the following rounds: Portsmouth, WAA25, WAA18, Bray1 and Bray 2.

The coaching sessions are run by Denise Davies a former British International Archer, a Grand Master Bowman for several years and is a County Coach with over thirty years experience of coaching archers to Master Bowman standard.

The coaching session starts at 10.00 am till 12.00 noon and the cost is £5 per session which includes advice on equipment if needed.

A maximum of only three archers can be taken at each session.

If you would like to book a session please contact us

Indoors September to April or Outdoors May to July

See Dates Page for Club events

The beginner’s classes will begin at 10:00 am for one hour.

Please will Club members arrive before the start to put out the equipment or help put away the equipment at the end? This help would be much appreciated so the club can start on time and make the most of the facilities booked.

Thank you

Celyn Archers GNAS / Archery GB

Registered club colors.

UPPER BODY GARMENT: White with club badge and archers name optional